Who We Are

Timothy Perry has an eye for style – particularly when it comes to weddings. If you have a favorite episode of “Four Weddings” or “Say Yes to the Dress”, Timothy has probably seen it and can discuss it with you in detail. This is partly due to Timothy’s design background. But, being happily married to a prominent Texas wedding blogger and attending dozens of weddings over his lifetime haven’t hurt, either. As a result, style is considered in every decision Timothy makes during a video shoot and in the editing process that follows. Every detail is well thought out before it is presented to the staff and ultimately executed to perfection. From the initial consultation to the delivery of the finished film, Timothy has everything stylishly under control.
Antonii Evan is an artist and a creative visionary. While listening to a song or staring at a photo, he can picture an entire cinematic scene playing out in his mind. This natural storytelling ability has been professionally honed by over five years of experience in the entertainment industry working behind the scenes on feature films, television shows, and music album productions. Most notably, his background includes experience at CBS Paramount, NBC Universal, and Universal Music Group. As a result, Antonii has acquired a wealth of filmmaking skills and musical knowledge which he now uses to help create amazing short stories at Perry Evan Films. Simply put, Antonii can grow the seed of any small idea into a garden of creative thoughts and stories.
Jason Perry, an experienced graphic artist and creative designer, has a meticulous approach and an understanding of production. As one of our lead videographers and video editors, he has experience both behind and in front of the camera. Jason’s involvement in the film industry in Hollywood, CA allowed him to act in commercials, television, and movies, in addition to various Film Festivals with NewFilmMakers Los Angeles. A consummate gentleman operating with style and swagger, Jason will bring excellency and integrity to your project.